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PallCHASE held its first side-event at the World Health Assembly

Image: Photos from WHA77 Interventions and PallCHASE Side Event  Source: Dr Megan Doherty Author: Joan Marston Executive Committee Member of [...]

PallCHASE Executive Committee members represented at World Health Assembly

Image: Walking the talk: Regina Okhuysen-Cawley, Megan Doherty, and Sherin Paul.  Source: IAHPC Photo used with permission. Authors: IAHPC, Dr. [...]

Hopeful for the Future of Palliative Care with Dr. Megan Doherty

Author: Anindita Rochili PallCHASE Communication WG Member Since joining PallCHASE in 2017, Dr. Megan Doherty has been actively working and [...]

Addressing the unmet need for palliative care in humanitarian settings

Whether or not lives can be saved palliative care offers possible relief from pain, help with distress such as anxiety, anger, grief, and companionship in the absence of family or other friends.

How PallCHASE began

Joan Marston, Executive Committee member of PallCHASE, talks about the palliative care needs of refugees and displaced persons.

Help Support Palliative Care Patients in Ukraine

The war in Ukraine is a major problem for adults and children receiving or needing palliative care in Ukraine. An estimated 500,000 adults and children in Ukraine are dying or have palliative care needs in Ukraine annually. These seriously ill people, the sickest in our health care system, are stuck in Ukraine or are being moved to palliative care programs in Poland, Romania, and Moldova. Our colleagues in these countries are being overwhelmed and need your help! WHPCA, ICPCN & PallCHASE are raising funds on Global Giving to support palliative care in Ukraine and neighbouring countries. Please consider a donation to this fund.
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