Communications Working Group

The Communications Working Group (CommsWG), led by Erin Das, oversees the communications activities of PallCHASE.

The CommsWG functions to support communication with PallCHASE members, as well as the wider palliative care and humanitarian health community. Specifically, this group aims to support PallCHASE’s strategic goals of (1) Building an effective stakeholder community and mutual partnerships around a common purpose, and (2) Ensuring PallCHASE is a visible, effective, sustainable network.

The CommsWG aims to develop and maintain a strong communication plan. In addition, the CommsWG oversees PallCHASE’s membership systems, manages social media platforms, updates our website and blog, and curates PallCHASE’s quarterly newsletter. The CommsWG also oversees the PallCHASE internship program.

If you are interested in joining the PallCHASE CommsWG, please contact