Education Working Group

The Education WG (EdWG), led by Dr. Megan Doherty and Dr. Kathryn Richardson, oversees the education-related activities of PallCHASE.

The EdWG supports PallCHASE members and the wider palliative care and humanitarian health community towards PallCHASE’s strategic goals of (1) Building an effective stakeholder community and mutual partnerships around a common purpose, and (2) Ensuring PallCHASE is a visible, effective, sustainable network. The EdWG aims to develop, support, and run various educational activities on palliative care for humanitarian healthcare providers. These activities include Project ECHO, an ICPCN–PallCHASE joint course, PallCHASE website videos, and Educational Activities for group members, particularly those related to humanitarian health organizations (e.g. Tembo for MSF, etc.). The EdWG supports knowledge dissemination through academic articles, conference abstracts, conference workshops, webinars and other activities related to education on palliative care in humanitarian settings.

If you are interested in joining the EdWG, please contact and for more information.