Our Ambition

To see a world in which everyone affected by humanitarian situations or emergencies who is experiencing serious health-related suffering, has access to palliative care.


Our Purpose

To work in partnership through a visible and effective network to advocate for palliative care integration in humanitarian situations or emergencies, to support the development of standards and policies, and a high-quality evidence base, to ensure the full participation and engagement of affected communities and individuals and to enable opportunities for training.

Strategic Goals

Our Strategic Goals

Build an effective stakeholder community and mutual partnerships around a common purpose


Ensure PallCHASE is a visible, effective, sustainable network.


Advocate for palliative care integration in humanitarian situations or emergencies with governmental, non-governmental, multilateral organizations, health and social systems including the humanitarian and palliative care sectors.


Create a platform to develop, showcase and endorse palliative care and humanitarian sector integration, standards and policy and opportunities for training within humanitarian situations or emergencies.


Support the development of a robust, high quality, ethical evidence base for palliative care within humanitarian situations and emergencies.