Palliative care included in Emergency Medical Teams strategy for 2030

PallCHASE is delighted to see that palliative care is included in the Emergency Medical Teams strategy for 2030. Wherever there is health-related suffering and increased mortality palliative care is an essential component of the medical response, for neonates, children and adults. Sadly, this is seldom funded in humanitarian crises.

As PallCHASE we have the knowledge and expertise to assist with education of EMTs and to provide expert advice on pain and symptom management, psychosocial and spiritual distress. Palliative care and the relief of suffering is a human right in every situation including in humanitarian crises.

Review the Classification and minimum standards for emergency medical teams technical document published June 2021:

“This publication serves as a practical guide for teams and aims to compliment emergency response systems, fostering seamless collaboration with all emergency response actors and networks. Over the next few years, I look forward to seeing an increase in national and international EMTs that meet these standards and continue to serve as essential components of a country’s emergency preparedness and response to save lives, improve health and serve the most vulnerable in need.”

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