Palliative Care in South Sudan


Palliative Care South Sudan is a registered South Sudanese charity founded in 2018 with a mission to advocate for, improve, and integrate Palliative Care Services within the national healthcare system and facilities. Led by Andrew Adeck Omuse from Kenya, Dr. Chuor de Garang Alier, Reuben Kwany, and Dr. Gai Samuel, the organization focuses on enhancing accessibility and affordability of pain relief drugs and low-cost medicines. As the first Palliative Care unit/service in South Sudan, the organization aims to improve the quality of life for individuals facing life-threatening or life-limiting illnesses. The mission emphasizes providing age-appropriate health services that respect patients’ need for sensitive information, relief of suffering in physical, psychosocial, and spiritual domains, and involving patients in decision-making.

To improve the quality of life, well-being, comfort, and maintain human dignity for individuals, through age-appropriate health services valuing patients’ need for culturally sensitive information, adequate relief of suffering, and acknowledging their central role in treatment decisions.

Ensuring all children and adults, including their families, facing life-threatening or life-limiting illnesses receive palliative care to maintain quality of life, dignity, and comfort throughout the course of illness.


  1. Establishing palliative care training centers across states in South Sudan.
  2. Developing palliative care education in humanitarian settings.
  3. Initiating palliative care for cancer patients in Alsaba Pediatrics and Juba referral hospitals.
  4. Providing relief from pain and distressing symptoms, supporting families during illness and bereavement.
  5. Catalyzing the development of effective pain and quality palliative care in South Sudan’s health facilities.
  6. Sponsoring and participating in events or campaigns promoting palliative care.
  7. Rehabilitating patients/families through quality palliative care and educational funding for children.
  8. Offering palliative care-related courses and programs.
  9. Engaging other stakeholders in the provision of palliative care.


  1. Training for healthcare workers and non-health professionals.
  2. Mentorship and support supervision.
  3. Update meetings, integration of legal support, and Pain-Free Hospital initiative.


  1. Developing Palliative Care Policy.
  2. Integrating palliative care into the public healthcare system.
  3. Advocating for morphine availability, state-focused advocacy, and the national palliative care team.
  4. Community engagement.


  1. PCSS Journal, mobile health surveillance system, and mobile app integration.
  2. Information, communication, and education (IEC) materials.
  3. Bi-annual conference, research agenda.


  1. Strategic plans, local partnerships, and networking.
  2. International collaboration, PCSS membership, state branch initiative.
  3. Extension of mentorship for pediatrics palliative care (ECHO program) in Juba.
  4. Delivering palliative education in humanitarian settings in Juba, South Sudan.


Contact Person:
Reuben Kuany (Executive Team Leader)
Tel: +211911500009,

Andrew Adeck Omuse (Palliative Care Nurse Volunteer)

Web link: Copyright@2019PCSS/ (awaiting activation)

Note: Reuben Kuany: Diplomat, PCSS Team Leader (Initiator)
Andrew Adeck Omuse South Sudan (Andrew Adeck, PCSS Volunteer (Initiator): Trained in health sciences, Diploma in higher education in Palliative care nursing/Diploma in community health Development and psychology, with previous experience in implementing and managing primary healthcare and community programs. Goals revolve around promoting quality palliative integrations and active community participation in preventive/curative health in humanitarian settings with low-income resources.

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